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How to Speed Up the Rental Process With the Right Application

by Property Management Direct on Monday, July 09, 2012 7:56 PM

Selecting and using the right application is the key to a quick rental process. A good, solid application will bring in more tenants, enable them to apply more quickly, allow you to screen them in an instant, and just make the whole dang process a heck of a lot easier!

Luckily, choosing the right application is easy. To start off, you want to simplify things as much as possible, to the bare essentials even. A simple rental application looks more attractive to potential tenants and is easier for them to fill out. All too often, good tenants turn away from rentals because too much, and often useless, information is required on the rental form. The simpler that your application is, the more likely that people will actually apply for your rental.


While you want to make sure that your rental application is simple, there is also some basic information that you should take Rocket Leasecare to include. Meaning, don’t make it too simple! At the very least, you should ask your potential tenant for their full name, contact information, place of employment, and references from previous landlords. Just these few simple pieces of information will allow you to screen your tenants with ease once they turn the application in.


If you’re a new landlord, and especially if you’re drawing up your very first application, then it is essential that you have someone more experienced check it over. Having a buddy or a local landlord give it a once over is usually a good route to go. In addition, it is easier than ever today to have someone online help you out. Reddit has a great section for beginning landlords and the folks on there will likely be more than happy to give you pointers on your rental application.


While a nicely done print application can definitely speed up the rental process, online applications can make it move along even more quickly. Though they’re still reasonably new, a number of solid sites have already popped up that offer rental application services.


In addition to providing handy online apartment applications, many of these sites also provide online credit checks for landlords. The process basically works like this: after setting up an account with the company, you can refer your interested applicants to their site. On the site they will have access to a rental application specifically designed by you (most have templates as well to make things easier). Then all that your potential tenants have to do is simply fill in a few slots and click send. Voila! They have completed their application and you have received it.


Many of these websites go one step further and offer credit check services as well. As soon as the application is sent in, a copy is sent off to a tenant screening company, who then sends you a credit report. It can take as little as a day. All in all, online applications greatly speed up the rental application process. Plus, your potential tenants no longer have to fuss with fax machines or bother with driving to your office to drop off a completed application. They can make life easier for everyone involved.


Whether or not you choose to go with an online application, it is definitely a route worth exploring. The number of landlords that are using them is increasing because of tenant demand. Simply put, people like to sit back on the couch and fill in an application without moving! But, even if you don’t decide to go with an online application, it is easy to speed up the rental application with the right, meaning simple, paper application. Rocket Lease makes it easy to use an online rental application.

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