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by Property Management Direct on Monday, October 03, 2011 10:40 PM
In today’s uncertain economy, those who invest in residential property should be very selective in regard to potential tenants to ensure that they will receive a reasonable return on their investment. At the same time, carrying out the responsibilities of a landlord often requires time and energy that they cannot spare, and that is why they need the services of a residential property management company.

Experienced entrepreneurs know that a residential property management company is an ideal source for screening potential tenants effectively and professionally, allowing them to stay focused on their other business concerns. Also, if a property is unoccupied for a certain period, the owner loses money, and a residential property management company can keep this from happening, perform any repairs that are needed, and take over maintenance as well.

These are some of the things a residential property management company can do for the owner:

● Weatherization is very important factor in owning a rental facility, and a residential property management company can assist by making periodic checks on the building’s condition and taking care of necessary maintenance. This enables the owner to reduce expenses by removing the need for costly emergency repairs due to neglect.

● When investors hire a residential property management company to act as an intermediary between themselves and their tenants, this covers a wide range of services—from collecting rent and other bills to dealing with tenants on their behalf and performing routine inspections. If a tenant fails to abide by their agreement, the company is prepared to take necessary action, which may even include eviction.

● If entrepreneurs decide to lease their property, they are often unaware of the tremendous amount of paperwork the process entails. Fortunately, a reliable residential property management company is ready to take care of the clerical details, such as performing background checks and reviewing applications.

● As part of maintenance, a tenant can contact the residential property management company with any problem related to it, from replacing a hall light to reporting a flooded basement. Ordinarily, the owner never has to become directly involved in these situations.

● A residential property management company can also prove to be very helpful whenever tax time comes around. One of the diverse services they provide includes doing necessary bookkeeping and maintaining financial statements in order to comply with federal and state laws in filing taxes.

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Residential Property Management

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Anonymous 2/22/2012

These are all great reasons to hire a professional property management company. Regardless of the actual quality of the property, a poorly managed building and premises can ensure that even the most promising asset will fail to meet the expectations of its owner. As a Chicago professional property management company, we work with our residential clients to provide affordable and effective management services while striving to maximize the homeowner's investment.

smith thomas 10/24/2012

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