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Top Reasons To Hire A Property Manager For Your Tampa, FL Home

by SuperUser Account on Saturday, December 03, 2011 10:20 AM

For those who own rental property and seek professional property management in Tampa, our website is a good place to start. Although managing your own property might seem simple, being a landlord can be stressful.

Hiring a professional property manager in Tampa will eliminate the stress of being a landlord.

Finding a good tenant isn’t always easy. The truth is, some tenants are less than ideal. A Tampa professional property manager can more stringently investigate a potential tenant and thereby reduce the likelihood of having an undesirable tenant. Some methods used by professional property managers include background checks and credit reports, and these methods may be unavailable to the lay person. In addition, having a Tampa property manager will make it much easier to collect the rent in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, sometimes legal actions become necessary, such as evicting a tenant or addressing a lawsuit. Most professional property management firms have attorneys that they use regularly and with whom they have a working relationship. Thus, legal actions are more quickly and efficiently addressed than they might otherwise be.

In the case of evictions, laws vary from state to state and a professional Tampa property manager will be conversant with the state and local laws and procedures necessary to institute and enforce an eviction without the threat of a lawsuit.

Every home requires periodic maintenance. Professional property management firms have maintenance personnel that they use and trust to do their work timely, honestly and correctly. Most homeowners must either do the work themselves, which may not always be feasible, or hire an unknown contractor to do the repairs. Properly maintaining a rental unit will increase not only its useful life but enable the landlord to receive a higher rent.

When a rental unit becomes vacant, it must be cleaned, repaired, advertised and made ready for the next tenant. Professional property management firms have expertise in advertising and can most cost-effectively find a new tenant and thereby keep the vacancy rate to a minimum. A professional firm will be knowledgeable about rental rates for the area and can often obtain a higher monthly rent than the owner might charge.

Professional property management firms are required to issue the owner a Form 1099 at year end, indicating how rent was collected. Additionally, most will issue a year-end statement of disbursements, which will make it much easier to prepare the proper income tax forms. Another benefit, the monthly payment to the property manager is usually a tax-deductible expense.

As with hiring any company, it is best to do your homework before selecting a Tampa property manager. Our site is dedicated to helping you find the best company for your property management needs in Tampa.

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Anonymous 3/6/2012

Whether your building provides a home to your company or is part of an investment portfolio, a poorly managed commercial building can ensure that even the most promising asset will fail to meet the expectations of its owner. A reputable property management professional will help your facility live up to its full potential.

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