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The most important rule that property owners can remember is that without customers there is no profit and no business. It is important to generate leads. This means reaching out into the community, using the Internet and really being smart about how resources are used. All types of property management companies need to focus on lead generation if they want to be successful.

1.  Develop a Website

A great way to find property management leads is to use the Internet. A well-designed website gives a company an online presence. This is a chance to refine the company’s image and to reach out to other groups, investors and consumers in the community. Smart companies will take the time to develop unique web copy. Including a regularly updated blog or newsletter provides visitors with important information. The website should be clear about the company’s offerings and the owner or manager’s credentials. Investing in a reliable web designer ensures this online space is easy to navigate and eye-catching.

2.  Make the Most of Social Media

People use social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and websites like LinkedIn to further their careers. Social media is a useful tool for property management companies looking for leads. Developing a company profile ensures that the group can communicate with past, current and future leads. Here, a management group can explain what it has to offer, answer questions and engage with people in and outside of the community. By paying attention to consumers’ needs, it is possible to establish a company as an expert in the property management field. The group can post about new properties and even include photos or videos to show what it has to offer.


3.  Leverage Online Business Directories

Syndicating out core business information about your property management company to partner web sites is a great way to not only build leads, but to also gain added credibility with the search engines in ranking your own property management site.  Business directory sites such as,, & Google+ are good examples of sites that will allow a property management company to create a profile page (some directories are free but others will charge a small fee) that can be optimized to drive property management leads for property owners.  Make sure to select the appropriate business category to list your property management company within and remember that the more alike the partner site is to your own business vertical, the more search volume and leads you can expect from the advertising.

4.  Attend Community Events

Property managers that take the time to attend area events are sure to be noticed. These are great networking opportunities. This is a chance to hand out cards, meet other people and explain the property management group. Relationships are the heart of any business. It is important to seem approachable and honest. Not only will this generate important property management leads but will also build a person a positive reputation in his or her community. This could lead to other opportunities later on down the line.

5.  Open Houses or Events

Property owners should show people what they have to offer. Open houses and events are a great way to generate buzz about a company and get people talking. At this event, it helps to have business cards on tables and to hand out. Additionally, well-designed brochures containing information about this property plus other options will also generate some great leads. This is a chance to find potential buyers or renters. When hosting the event, make sure the property looks its best. The event will build an image of a company therefore it is important that the space looks cared for, clean and organized.

6.  Direct Advertisements

The best way for any property management group to find leads is to get the word out about its properties. Public television stations can run short advertisements about available properties. Additionally, companies should be smart about where they place online advertisements. One can use social media or can make use of other community websites and blogs. Using affordable options like Craigslist is important too.

7.  Attend Conferences

There are often small business conferences and real estate and professional events that happen during the year. It is important to have a presence at such events. This gets the word out about a company, and it helps with networking in and outside of the area. Every detail counts at such conferences or events. If a company has a table, they should make sure that their logo is clearly presented and that there are business cards, brochures and fun items like promotional pens or key chains on hand.

8.  Direct Mailings

Though a lot of marketing is done online, direct mailings are still effective. However, a property management group needs to target specific types of people. It helps to have sign-up sheets at conferences or online. From here, one can target where mailings will be sent. Small postcards or attractive brochures are effective items to send out.

9.  Connect with Area Professionals

Anyone affiliated with the real estate world should become a close friend to a property management company. This is a chance to build important relationships with contractors and banking professionals, among others. These experts will refer people to a management group, and they may have mailing lists that could prove useful for direct mailing campaigns. Additionally, when it comes to remodeling or updating a property or expanding, these experts can provide valuable advice and support.

10.  Pay Attention

One of the best things a person can do is keep his or her eyes open. There are usually signs all around people. This is a chance to find out about foreclosures or properties up for sale. Staying up-to-date on area properties helps a management group refine its offerings and understand its community. Additionally, this means that people should regularly read the newspapers and see what is listed in the classifieds sections. Such news can provide some useful leads.

Property management groups need to understand that leads are everywhere. However, it is important to go out into the community, develop meaningful relationships and keep eyes and ears open. Anyone can have information about area consumers or properties. Spreading the word about a property management group means staying connected with the goings-on in a city or area.


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